Some histories of Orville Cox (O.C.) Day and his ancestors

This web page is maintained by Paul R. Day, a grandson.

  Some Cox Ancestry (with birth dates)

  Orville Cox Day (1 Jun 1885)
    Eli Azariah Day - Elvira Euphrasia Cox (19 May 1864)
        Orville Sutherland Cox (25 Nov 1814) - Elvira Pamela Mills (2 Mar 1820)
                            |                          |
                            |      Robert Mills (1792) - Rhoda Hulet (8 Nov 1795)
           Jonathan Upham Cox (5 Mar 1785) - Lucinda Blood (3 July 1787)


Pioneer Stories - By Stella Day Norman
Rhoda Hulet - (mother of Elvira Pamela Mills)
Elvira Euphrasia Cox: A Case Study in Polygamy - by Andrea Lloyd (daughter of Stella), a paper written for college credit.  An excellent overview and history of O.C. Day's mother.
Elvira Euphrasia Cox Day - (mother of Orville Cox Day)  Biography taken from journal entries, by Stella Day Norman.
Obituary, Patriarchal Blessing, Testimony, Poetry of Elvira Euphrasia Cox Day (mother of O. C. Day).  Contains her testimony, her obituary with some interesting facts about her life, her patriarchal blessing, and poetry.
Autobiography of Orville Cox (O.C. Day) and some biographical sketches.
A history of O.C. Day, as written by him in 1967.
Ancestral visions of O.C. Day, as written by him in 1967-8.

For the best Cox genealogy and a thorough list of descendants of Jonathan Upham Cox, go to Carl T. Cox's web site at

Carl T. Cox is the son of Orville Stanley Cox, son of Walter Cox, son of Orville Sutherland Cox.  Therefore, OC Day's mother and Carl T. Cox's grandfather are siblings, and O.C. and Carl T. Cox's father are first cousins.  Therfore, O.C. and Carl T. Cox are first cousins once removed.  O.C.'s chldren and Carl T. Cox are second cousins.  O.C.'s grandchildren and Carl T. Cox are second cousins once removed.